LiverKick Podcast

LiverKick Podcast July 28, 2018 – GLORY 55 Recap, Kunlun 70kg Tournament, ONE Championship and More

Alex Pereira Celebrates His Knockout Victory at GLORY 55. (GLORY Sports International/James Law)

Finally, the long awaited LiverKick Podcast featuring myself, Dave Walsh and Jay Jauncey. We run through the events of GLORY 55 New York, including Alex Pereira’s incredible overhand right knockout and why that is Jay’s favorite strike to use, teach to fighters and watch happen. On top of that we talk about the upcoming Kunlun Fight 70kg tournament, with the final 16 (they call it the “1/8,” but hey) that is coming up in August.

On top of that we talk about some of what ONE Championship has been doing with their Super Series kickboxing and muay thai bouts, which has been entirely digestible, fun, but probably needs to start setting up clear divisions soon. Dave is continually confused as to when the small gloves inside of the cage is going to happen, when it’ll be kickboxing gloves inside of a ring or when it’ll be a strange blend of both, while Jay has a method for determining when they’ll do what. Jay is probably right, for what it’s worth.

Bellator ran one of the best fights of the year in Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Chingiz Allazov and it’s time to once again talk about how Giorgio Petrosyan is the best fighter in the world at 70kg, even if our rankings can’t exactly show that because of who he’s been fighting. Talent-wise, though? C’mon. That means we talk a bit of Bellator Kickboxing, but not that much.

As always, we enjoy making the podcast and it’s always a matter of both of us having the time to put aside to make it happen. Check out the podcast on all of your favorite platforms.