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LiverKick Podcast January 14th, 2018: GLORY: Redemption, Kunlun Finals and More

Alright, so the last episode was garbled up by audio problems galore, then the holidays happened, Jay went on vacation and finally, here we are, a month later, with a new episode of the LiverKick Podcast. But, of course, this time we try to make up for it by going over GLORY: Redemption, talking about some of the other big stories that have happened in the last month or so, like Badr Hari’s GLORY signing and more.

We also brush upon K-1 Japan happenings, just how big of a star is Tenshin Nasukawa compared to Takeru and the upcoming Kunlun tournament finals at 70kg and 100+kg.

There’s an hour and a half of stuff here, so enjoy the first episode of the New Year.

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