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Listen to Steven Wright Reflect on The Contender Asia on Its 10 Year Anniversary

In 2008 the Muay Thai and kickboxing world welcomed the highly anticipated Contender Asia television show. After watching the idea successfully launch many boxing careers and help make the UFC a household name, the Contender Asia was a television Muay Thai tournament that allowed the audience to fall in love with the athletes for their personalities, life experiences, and ring skill. Collecting several fighters from all over the world, the tournament showed the hard work and discipline it takes to be a world class fighter, while also showing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
The excitement for the show was birthed in a trailer. It took only 90 seconds for Muay Thai world to be alive with talk of who was going to be on the show? Where would it take place? And of course, How do we watch it.

In the Below Podcast I Breakdown every episode. I talk about how the show came about, and Explore many questions that people didn’t know about the show. I do this all from the perspective of a fan. I experienced this all through the fight forums and I will break the action down as a guy who once waited excitedly every week for the shows to be available at the K-1fans website.