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Lion Fight Adds Five Bouts to Lion Fight 40 Card

Lion Fight has continued to expound upon their upcoming Lion Fight 40 event, which takes place on  Saturday, February 3rd at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. Previously announced were the three big title fights and now they’ve added a host of new fights to the card, helping to stack it properly as Lion Fight is prone to doing.

What’s interesting is in the same release they note that they will be announcing a new broadcast partner shortly, which points to their deal with AXS TV possibly being over. Lion Fight made a name for itself on the AXS TV Fights Friday Nights line-up, but as we’ve been seeing in the later part of this year, AXS TV seems to be moving away from their fight-rich content, or at least consolidating what they air. It’ll be interesting to see where Lion Fight lands and we’ll hopefully have something about that in the near future. We’ve reached out for confirmation to the promotion.


Steve “Put Em To Sleep” Walker vs. Cole Fetzner – Super Cruiserweight
“Don” Julio Pena vs. Isaac Tijerina – Lightweight
Cris “Golden Leg” Mims vs. PJ Sweda – Middleweight
Brian “Magoo” Bogue vs. Cody Laskar – Super Middleweight
Mike Triana vs. Johncy Lindor – Super Featherweight
Tom Evans vs. Tollison Lewis – Super Welterweight
Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard vs. Slava “Scarface” Alexichek – Lion Fight World Cruiserweight Title
“Mr. Lightning” Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam vs. Alexi “Phet” Serepisos – Lion Fight World Lightweight Title
Brett Hlavacek vs. Elijah “The Mayor” Clarke – Lion Fight North American Light Heavyweight Title