Kunlun Fight 74 Results: Wang Wengfeng Wins 61.5kg Tournament, Kyshenko is a Beast

Wang Wengfeng Celebrates his championship victory. (Kunlun Fight)

In what was a jam-packed weekend of kickboxing, Kunlun Fight offered perhaps the biggest card of the weekend with Kunlun Fight 74. KLF 74 offered up a 61.5kg tournament that saw familiar faces and new heroes born. Wang Wengfeng defeated Cristian Spectu, Daniel Gallardo and then Lin Qiangbang in the finals of the tournament to secure the Kunlun Fight 61.5kg Championship.

The two big, advertised names for this card were Artur Kyshenko (fighting at 85kg!) and Albert Kraus. Kraus, who perhaps is on the dark side of his career, lost to Li Zhuangzhuang via decision while Big Boss Artur Kyshenko scored at TKO over Timur Aylyarov.

Kunlun Fight 74 Full Results: 
61.5KG World Championship Reserve Fight: Jiang Feng def Zhang JinHu via R3  decision
61.5KG World Championship 1/4 Final A : Lin Qiangbang def Taiga via R3 decision
61.5KG World Championship 1/4 Final B : Zhao Chongyang def Somai via R3 decision
61.5KG World Championship 1/4 Final C : Daniel puertas Gallardo def Jiao Daobo via R3 decision
61.5KG World Championship 1/4 Final D : Wang Wenfeng def Cristian Spectu via R3 decision
80KG Super Fight : Jente Nnamadim def Bo Fufan via R2 TKO
76KG Super Fight : Zheng Zhaoyu def Fernando Nonato via R2 TKO
75KG Super Fight : Li Zhuangzhuang def Albert Kraus via R3 decision
85KG Super Fight : Artur Kyshenko def Timur Aylyarov via R3 TKO
100+KG Super Fight : Asihati def Artur Gorlov via R3 decision
61.5KG World Championship SemiFinal A : Lin Qiangbang def Jiang Feng via R1 KO
61.5KG World Championship SemiFinal B : Wang Wenfeng def Daniel Gallardo via R3 decision
76KG Super Fight : Huang Kai def Danil Vinnik via R1 KO
63KG Super Fight : Wang Kehan def Auriele Froment via R3 decision
61.5KG World Championship Final : Wang Wenfeng def Lin Qiangbang via R3 decision