Kunlun Fight 71 Sees 70kg Tournament Qualifiers Continue

When it comes to Kunlun Fight’s 70kg tournament they do not disappoint. At Kunlun Fight 71 on April 1st they’ll continue on with the 70kg qualifying tournaments to see who will populate the huge, awesome 70kg tournament that they’ll be running this year. Interestingly enough, this features two qualifying tournaments that are really, really good. The first tournament has Luzasz Plawecki against Kong Lingfeng as well as Nordin Ben Moh against Anatoly Moiseev. The second has Niclas Larsen against Noppakow Siriluck and David Calvo against Tian Xin.

The main event sees Jomthong against Dzianis Zuev.

KLF 71 – April 1st
Bao Yudan vs. Ge Ping
Razanajatovo Fazaraly vs. Zhang Jinhu
70kg Reserve: Boum Hammed vs. Yiliyasi
70kg Tournament Qualifier 3: Lukasz Plawecki vs. Kong Lingfeng
70kg Tournament Qualifier 3: Nordin Ben Moh vs. Anatoly Moiseev
Pavel Turuk vs. Bo Fufan
Jia Aoqi vs. Zhange Chunyu
70kg Tournament Qualifier 4: Niclas Larsen vs. Noppakow Siriluck
70kg Tournament Qualifier 4: David Calvo vs. Tian Xin
Denis Puriv vs. Jiao Daobo
Jomthong Chuwattana vs. Dzianis Zuev