Kunlun Fight 70 Results: Yohann Drai and Victor Nagbe Advance in the KLF 70kg Tournament

Yohann Drai (left) defeats Feng Xingli (right) in a KLF 70kg Qualifier Tournament (Kunlun Fight)

This weekend Kunlun Fight held two 70kg qualifying tournaments to help build out their big, ultra-massive 70kg tournament that helps to decide who is the undisputed king of one of the kickboxing world’s most prestigious divisions. The last tournament was won by Marat Grigorian and this year’s is just getting started. The first tournament saw Victor Nagbe defeat Elam Chavez (Ngor) in the first round, then defeat Hu Yafei via TKO in the third.

The second qualifier saw Yohann Drai defeat Nikola Cimesa via an extension round and Feng Xingli defeating Michael Krcmar via decision. The two met in the finals where Drai walked away victorious, leaving Victor Nagbe and Yohann Drai with spots in the big tournament down the line.

1. 70kg Tournament Reserve: Saeid Chahardouli defeated Zhichun Baotong via a points decision.
2. 70kg Tournament 1: Hu Yafei defeated Shintaro Matsukura via a points decision.
3. 70kg Tournament 1: Victor Nagbe defeated Elam Chavez via a points decision.
4.Wang Kehan defeated Laetitia Madjene via a points decision.
5️. 70kg Tournament 1 Final: Victor Nagbe defeated Hu Yafei via a 3rd round ‘TKO’ stoppage.
6.Law Chosing defeated Sammy Banchamek via a 2nd round knockout.
7️.Mark Abelardo defeated Yi Zha via a points decision.
8️. 70kg Tournament 2: Feng Xingli defeated Michael Krcmar via a points decision.
9️. 70kg Tournament 2: Yohann Drai defeated Nikola Cimesa via an extension round points victory.
10.Kenta Yamada defeated Feng Lei via a points decision.
1️1.Bagautdin Abasov defeated Hasiter via a 1st round knockout.
1️2.Wang Wenfeng defeated Giorgi Khupenia via a points decision.
1️3.Wei Ninghui versus Jordan Kranio ended in Ext. R Draw.
1️4. 70kg Tournament 2 Final: Yohann Drai defeated Feng Xingli via a points decision.