Kunlun Fight 66 Results: Gurkov and Somai Victorious in Tournaments

Albert Kraus (Kunlun Fight/Facebook)

This weekend Kunlun Fight presented Kunlun Fight 66, another huge event featuring the final 8’s of two of their tournaments: 61.5kg and 75kg. Vitaly Gurkov walked away the 75kg winner after a hard-fought decision victory over Hossein Karami, while Seksan Somai defeated Wang Wengfeng in the 61.5kg tournament finals. Albert Kraus was victorious over Li Zhuangzhuang, proving that he’s still at the top of his game at 70kg.

Results via Kunlun (which accounts for missing rounds in knockouts).

75kg Tournament Final: Vitaly Gurkov (R3 – Dec) Hossein Karami
Albert Kraus (R3 – Dec) Li Zhuangzhuang
Yang Yu (R? – KO) Denis Marjanovic by knockout.
Guo Wenjie (R? – KO) Touraj Karimi by knockout.
61.5kg Tournament Final: Seksan Somai (R3 – Dec) Wang Wenfeng
75kg Tournament Semifinal: Vitaly Gurkov def. Arthit Hanchana by TKO.
75kg Tournament Semifinal: Xu Yongba def. Mohamed Diaby by decision
75kg Tournament Reserve: Hossein Karami (R3 – Dec) Gao Xiang
61.5kg Tournament Reserve: Wang Wanben (R3 – Dec) Hector Santiago
61.5kg Tournament Semifinal: Seksan Somai (R3 – Dec) Jiao Daobo
61.5kg Tournament Semifinal: Wang Wenfeng (R3 – Dec) Lin Qiangbang
75kg Tournament Quarterfinal: Arthit Hanchana (R3 – Dec) Diogo Calado
75kg Tournament Quarterfinal: Vitaly Gurkov (R3 – Dec) Nurla Mulali
75kg Tournament Quarterfinal: Mohamed Diaby (R3 – Dec) Law Chosing
75kg Tournament Quarterfinal: Xu Yongba (R? – TKO) Marko Milanovic
61.5kg Tournament Quarterfinal: Seksan Somai (R3 – Dec) Yang Guang
61.5kg Tournament Quarterfinal: Jiao Daobo (R3 – Dec) Denis Puric
61.5kg Tournament Quarterfinal: Lin Qiangbang (R3 – Dec) Jose Gogo
61.5kg Tournament Quarterfinal: Wang Wenfeng (R3 – Dec) Illias Ennahachi
Fabricio Andrade (R? – KO) Zhang Hua