KRUSH 77 Results: Japan x China

On July 16th KRUSH held their 77th event, this one themed as Japan vs. China, featuring a number of bouts between some of their best fighters against Chinese imports. The Chinese fighters not only held their own, but were able to prove that China’s kickboxing scene is not to be taken lightly, with Junfeng Zheng defeating Hirotaka Urabe, Jianglian Qui defeating Yukihiro Komiya, Yinghua Tie defeating Daiki Watanabe and Junguan Wang defeating Yuzuki Satomi.

Krush 77 : Japan x China
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Live on AbemaTV 5PM JST / 1AM PST / 4AM EST
Krush -55kg : Kazuki Okawa def Hiroto Ishitsuka DEC (Majority 28-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Krush -63kg : Kota Nanako def Yuki Ishikawa DEC (Majority, 29-29,30-29,30-29)
Krush -60kg : Masakazu Sato x Ryota Hashimoto DRAW (29-28, 29-29,29-29)
~Main Card~
Krush -53kg : Akihiro Kaneko def Tadahiro Yamada 2R TKO (One down flying knee to the body, finishing down was a right hook to the temple)
Krush -63kg : Kyoshiro def Junpei Aotsu DEC (Unanimous 30-29,30-28,30-28)

Krush ~Japan vs China~
Krush -58kg : Junguan Wang def Yuzuki Satomi DEC (Majority 29-29,30-28,30-28)
Krush -58.5kg : Tenma Sano def Qi Yun DEC (Unanimous 30-29 x 3)
Krush -63kg : Rukiya def Zeqi Deng 1R KO (flying knee)
Krush -67.5kg : Yinghua Tie def Daiki Watabe DEC (Majority 30-28, 29-29, 30-28)
Krush -66kg : Jiangliang Qui def Yukihiro Komiya DEC (Unanimous 30-26 x3)
Krush -60kg : Junfeng Zheng def Hirotaka Urabe DEC (Majority 30-29,29-29,29-28)