KNOCK OUT Summer Fes.2018 to Be Streamed in English

KNOCK OUT Summer Fes.2018.

Japanese kickboxing was at one time the alpha and omega in the world of professional kickboxing. Since the fall of FEG’s K-1 in 2011 the sport has fragmented and split up among regions, with promotions like GLORY, Kunlun and K-1 Japan leading the pack when it comes to international presence. Since the beginning of Bushiroad’s KNOCK OUT it was clear that they were going for something different with this promotion. This wasn’t just going to be another Japanese kickb0xing promotion with the intent of having good kickboxing. They wanted more.

It makes sense, too, considering that Bushiroad has seen surprising success with New Japan Pro Wrestling in the west in the last few years. In fact, New Japan’s streaming service has a large portion of western fans as subscribers, almost on par with the Japanese subscribers. So it should come as no surprise that KNOCK OUT is making a push towards being more friendly towards English-speaking fans with the upcoming Summer Fes.2018.

The event, which goes down on August 19th in Tokyo, will feature an English broadcast with Pancrase and QUINTET broadcaster Stewart Fulton at the helm. The exact streaming platform, potential cost and other details have yet to be announced. The card is included below, as is an English hype video leading up to the event.

Yosuke Mizuochi vs. Satoru Hashimoto
Tsukuru Midorikawa vs. Hiroki Shishido
Flyweight Tournament 1st Round: Tatsuya Noto vs. Kazuki Osaki
Flyweight Tournament 1st Round: Issei Ishii vs. Jin Mandokoro
Yodlekphet vs. Kazuma Takahashi
Yosuke Morii vs. Haruaki Otsuki
Super Lightweight Tournament Final: Fukash vs. Hideki