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Kem Sitsongpeenong Offers To Come Out of Retirement to Fight Buakaw

(GLORY Sports International)

This weekend muay thai legend Yodsanklai Fairtex had to make the tough decision to retire after returning from a knee injury that left him sideline for over a year, only to find himself not quite in the best condition to be fighting and in constant pain. This left the potential dream fights with fighters like Giorgio Petrosyan and most notably Buakaw Banchamek on the table and unfulfilled. Another muay thai legend had retired this year in Kem Sitsongpeenong, but now in the wake of Yodsanklai’s retirement, he’s willing to come back if the conditions are right.

Sitsongpeenong management sent out a statement tonight (6/12) stating that Sitsongpeenong and Fairtex management have discussed the matter and if Buakaw Banchamek would be willing to take the fight with Kem, that Kem would be more than happy to fill in for the rumored role Yodsanklai was supposed to have in fighting a huge $1 million purse dream bout.

That’s a substantial amount of money in either muay thai or kickboxing and would be hard for either fighter to turn down. If Banchamek’s team accepts is another story altogether. Buakaw is coming off of a victory over Kong Lingfeng at Kunlun Fight 62 on June 10th via decision.