K-1 World Grand Prix Japan 90kg Tournament Results

This past weekend K-1 Japan held their 90kg tournament, featuring some recognizable names as well as a host of superfights featuring some of the big stars of K-1 Japan. Sina Karimian was able to take the whole tournament, first knocking out OD-KEN in an extension round, then winning a decision over K-JEE, finally defeating Boubaker El Bakouri by majority decision to take the 90kg crown.

In the superfights Anpo Rukiya, Ashizawa Ryusei and Takei Yoshiki were all victorious. KOJI and Takeru became the main talking point coming away from the show, as KOJI defeated Stauros Exakoustidis via split decision in the extension round and Takeru, well, he did what Takeru is prone to doing to Daniel Peurtas. KOJI called out Takeru and Takeru seemed legitimately stymied about the challenge. Mostly because he’s Takeru, K-1’s king of violence.

Results via Kakutougi.

Full Results
Takeru defeats Daniel Puertas by KO R1
Takei Yoshiki defeats Akram Hamidi by KO R1
KOJI defeats Stauros Exakoustidis by Extra Round Split Decision
Ashizawa Ryusei defeats Ozawa Kaito by Unanimous Decision
Anpo Rukiya defeats Hayashi Kenta by KO R3
Suarek Rukkukamui defeats Goshyu Masanobu by Unanimous Decision

90KG Tournament
Final – Sina Karimian defeats Boubaker El Bakouri by Majority Decision

SF#2 – Boubaker El Bakouri defeats Sugimoto Hitoshi by KO R2
SF#1 – Sina Karimian defeats K-JEE by Unanimous Decision

QF#4 – Boubaker El Bakouri defeats Uehara Makoto by KO R1
QF#3 – Sugimoto Hitoshi defeats Aundre Groce by Unanimous Decision
QF#2 – K-JEE defeats Brian McGrath by KO R1
QF#1 – Sina Karimian defeats OD-KEN by KO R4

Tournament Reserve Bout
RUI defeats Furuta Taichi by KO R3