K-1 World Grand Prix Japan 2018 57.5kg Tournament Results

K-1 Japan 57.5kg Champion Yuta Murakoshi (K-1 Japan Group)

K-1 Japan, one of the most exciting kickboxing promotions in the world, returned this weekend with their 2018 57.5kg Championship Tournament that saw a new champion crowned in what was one of their most prestigious belts because of the former champion, Takeru, who opted to move up in weight and take on new challenges. This card saw a lot of familiar faces score some exciting victories, but was perhaps not as exciting on paper as some of this year’s incredible K-1 Japan cards.

Yuta Murakoshi walked away with the K-1 Japan 57.5kg Championship after a tough night of fights culminating in a knockout victory over Haruma Saikyo in the first round of the finals. Of course, what’s interesting is that the biggest name being talked about in Japan this weekend is Tenshin Nasukawa, once again proving that K-1 Japan is growing rapidly, but still has some growing pains to contend with to reach their past glory.

Murakoshi has an uphill battle to live up to the violent standard set by his predecessor, but he had a strong showing within this tournament and will definitely continue to have chances to prove himself moving forward.

Yuki Egawa (R1 – KO) Yuta Otaki
57.5kg Tournament: Jorge Varela (R1 – KO) Kaito Ozawa
57.5kg Tournament: Yuta Murakoshi (R4 – Split Dec) Elias Mahmoudi
57.5kg Tournament: Ryusei Ashizawa (R1 – KO) Silviu Vitez
57.5kg Tournament: Haruma Saiktyo (R3 – Split Dec) Hirotaka Asahisa
Hisaki Kato (R3 – Split Dec) Makoto Euhara
Yasuhiro Kido (R3 – DQ) Massaro Glunder
Gonnapar Weerasakreck (R2 – KO) Rukiya Anpo
57.5kg Tournament Semi-Final: Yuta Murakoshi (R4 – Dec) Jorge Varela
57.5kg Tournament Semi-Final: Haruma Saikyo (R3 – Dec) Ryusei Ashizawa
Hideaki Yamazaki (R3 – Dec) Jin Nakazawa
Minoru Kimura (R1 – KO) Kazuki Yamigawa
Masaaki Noiri (R2 – KO) Vincent Foschiani
Koya Urabe (R2 – KO) Arthur Sorsor
57.5kg Tournament Finals: Yuta Murakoshi (R1 – KO) Haruma Saikyo