K-1 WGP in Japan Super Welterweight Results: Chingiz Allazov Takes the Gold

Chingiz Allazov and Yasuhiro Kido (K-1 Japan)

In yet another action-packed night of fights, K-1 WGP in Japan provided us with a 70kg tournament that saw Chingiz Allazov knock out Hiroki Nakajima, Jordan Pikeur and have Yasuhiro Kido take him to a decision on his way to the top. While many predicted that Allazov would pick up this win, he was forced to earn it against a rejuvenated Kido, with Kido scoring a TKO win over Luke Whelan and taking out Sanny Dahlbeck with low kicks before the finals against Allazov.

Takeru showed us beautiful violence, as always, and in the two title fights we saw decisions with a ton of action. Wei Rui was able to hold off Gonnapar, but Kaew was dethroned by the always-great Masaaki Noiri, with Noiri getting his retribution and re-taking his spot at the top.

GP Final – Chingiz Allazov def. Kido by Unanimous Dec
Masaaki Noiri def. Kaew Weerasakreck by Dec
Wei Rui def. Gonnapar Weerasakreck by Majority Dec
TAKERU def. Buvaisar Paskhaev by KO Rd 3 (Body Punches)
GP Semifinal – Chingiz Allazov def. Jordan Pikeur by KO Rd 1 (right hook)
GP Semifinal – Kido def. Sanny Dahlbeck by KO Rd 1 (low kicks)
Taiga def. Koji by Unanimous Dec
Haruma Saikyo def. Ozawa Kaito by Unanimous Dec
Hiramoto Ren def. Umar Paskhaev by Unanimous Dec

GP Quarterfinals
Jordan Pikeur def. Hinata Watanabe by Unanimous Dec
Chingiz Allazov def. Nakajima Hiroki by KO Rd 2 (left uppercut)
Sanny Dahlbeck def. Hirono Yu by TKO Rd 2 (doc stoppage due to cut)
Kido def. Luke Whelan by TKO Rd 3 (body knees and low kicks)
Reserve – Yamazaki Yoichi def. Makino Tomoaki by Unanimous Dec

Jimbo Katsuya def. Masato Uchiyama by KO Rd 1 (straight right)
Takeuchi Yuki def. Tabato Ryo by KO Rd 1 (straight right)
Suzuki Hayato def. Koge Yuki by KO Rd 2 (straight left)
Saikyo Yuma def. Takuma Kawaguchi by Unanimous Dec