K-1 Japan K’FESTA.01 Results: Takeru is the King of the World

(K-1 Japan Group)

Last night K-1 Japan held their biggest event to date, K’FESTA.01, where the promotion reached back to their K-1 roots by running the Saitama Super Arena for a huge event. Well, it was sold out, which is really a testament to just how incredible the rise of K-1 Japan has been, and it featured some of the best action anywhere around. It was, of course, an incredibly long event, but it was well-worth it.

Takeru walked away victorious in the 8-man tournament, claiming another title and two ultra-violent knockouts. There was just so much on this show.

Full Results
Main card (Part 3)
60kg Championship Final: TAKERU defeats Komiyama Kosuke by TKO R3 (three knockdowns)
Takei Yoshiki defeats Kubo Kenji by KO R1 (punches)
62.5kg Championship: Urabe Koya defeats Wei Rui by KO R1 (left straight)
Hiramoto Ren defeats Kaew Weerasakreck by KO R2 (punches)
Kido Yasuhiro defeats Issam Chahid by Unanimous Decision
Kimura ‘Phillip’ Minoru defeats Hirayama Jin by KO R1 (punches)

Main card (Part 2)
70kg Championship: Chingiz Allazov(C) defeats Hinata by KO R2 (left hook)
65kg Championship: Noiri Masaaki(C) defeats Yamato Tetsuya by TKO R3 (ref stoppage)
60kg Championship Tournament: TAKERU defeats Goshyu Masanobu by KO R1 (punches)
60kg Championship Tournament:Komiyama Kosuke defeats KOJI by Unanimous Decision
Nakazawa Jun defeats Soda Yasuomi by Majority Decision (2-0)
Gunji Taito defeats Tosaka Takumi by Unanimous Decision
KANA defeats Polina Petukhova by Unanimous Decision

Main card (Part 1)
Heavyweight Championship: Roel Mannaart defeats Antonio Plazibat(C) by Unanimous Decision
67.5kg Championship: Kubo Yuta(C) defeats Melsik Baghdasaryan by Unanimous Decision
60kg Championship Tournament: Goshyu Masanobu defeats Dennis Wosik by Majority Decision (2-0)
60kg Championship Tournament: TAKERU defeats Stauros Exakoustidis by Unanimous Decision
60kg Championship Tournament: Komiyama Kosuke defeats Suarek Rukkukamui by KO R1 (left highkick)
60kg Championship Tournament: KOJI defeats Urabe Hirotaka by Extra Round Decision

Preliminary Fights
Oiwa Tatsuya defeats Yokoyama Takumi by Majority Decision (2-0)
Hayato defeats Toushi by TKO R1 (three knockdowns)
Kondo Kaisei defeats Hara Shouta by KO R1 (punches)
Ruku defeats Kato Kona by Majority Decision (2-0)
Sano Junpei defeats Matsumura Hideaki by TKO R3 (lowkicks)