K-1 Japan 90kg Championship Tournament Fight Card for September 24th

K-1 Japan 90kg Championship Tournament brackets

K-1 Japan returns on September 24th with the K-1 Japan 90kg Championship Tournament. It’s another step into the upper weights, which K-1 Japan tends to stumble with a bit. We saw a heavyweight GP last year that provided some excitement and it should come as no shock that much of this tournament includes talent that has doubled as heavyweights for the promotion. That, of course, is just sort of the icing on the cake for the event, as the lower weight classes are always there to entertain us.

That includes TAKERU vs. Daniel Puertas, Takei Yoshiki and KOJI vs. Stauro Exakoustidis, plus many more super fights.

This isn’t quite as stacked as a lot of the other big K-1 Japan cards, but the top three fights are going to be very entertaining and K-1 Japan puts on the can’t-miss events in the sport of kickboxing.  Follow along for more updates on this card as they happen. Below fight card compiled by K1Power at Kakutougi.

TAKERU vs. Daniel Puertas
Takei Yoshiki vs. Akram Hamidi
KOJI vs. Stauros Exakoustidis
Ozawa Kaito vs. Ashizawa Ryusei
Goshu Masanobu vs. Timur Nadrov
Anpo Rukiya vs. Hayashi Kenta
Higashimoto Hisaki vs. Kawarada Shuji
Ogura Takaya vs. Ryota

K-1 Japan 90kg Championship Tournament
OD-KEN vs. Sina Karimian
K-JEE vs. Brian McGrath
Sugimoto Hitoshi vs. Aundre Groce
Uehara Makoto vs. Masinissa Hamaili

Tournament Reserve Fight
RUI vs. Taichi Furuta

As always, check out the awesome video work that K-1 Japan does for their shows, as well as the recent press conference (use the auto-translated captions).