June 2018: A month to mix kickboxing and football

Glory kickboxing presents some mouth-watering ties for June including Verhoeven VS. Ben Saddik, Groenhart VS. Grigorian, and van Roosmalen VS. VanNostrand. In the very same month, the 2018 FIFA World Cup roars into life with 32 teams from around the world competing to be crowned the best. For a tournament that comes once every four years, it’s always good if you find time to follow the tournament and perhaps indulge a bit in world cup 2018 betting as you might earn some extra bucks. Besides the money, here are some reasons why you should watch the upcoming World Cup.

For fun

Kickboxing may be your preferred sport of choice but just as a reminder, there are other sports out there that are equally entertaining and football is one such sport. Football pits the big boys and the underdogs and in some cases, the underdogs spring surprises. You wouldn’t want to miss a game in which the reigning world champions lose to Saudi Arabia, would you? Not only are there matches between the big teams and the small teams but there are also matches between big teams only. These matches often provide great entertainment in terms of action, skills and results. Who would have imagined that Germany was going to thrash Brazil 7-1 in its backyard?

Most watched sporting tournament

The World Cup is the most watched sporting tournament in the world and it’s always a good thing to be part of the crowd in history making. The last World Cup saw over 3 billion people tuning in! Massive numbers. A billion people watched the 2014 final meaning that at least one out of 8 people in the world watched it.

Sub-plots on the field of play

There are a lot of things that do take place on the field of play. Most are hilarious while a few are sad. However, it’s always good to watch the ensuing antics first time around than having to rely on second-hand information or YouTube to know what happened. In the past, we have seen a game that had 4 red cards and 16 yellow cards at the World Cup, we have also seen one of the world’s best players Zinedine Zidane bowing out in shame after head-butting an opponent in the final and in the last World Cup we saw Luis Suarez biting another player. Who knows what 2018 has in store for us?

An opportunity to network and an excuse to party

Whether you are a serious professional who loves making connections all the time or you are a fun loving person who is always on the lookout for some fun time, the World Cup avails you that chance. With thousands of people travelling to the World Cup and others to different World Cup viewing spots in different countries, you get an opportunity to mingle with new faces, with them you can strike business deals or you can have a nice time partying with them during and after games.