Jorina Baars vs. Anke Van Gestel Set for Bellator Kickboxing 7


The fight card for the upcoming Bellator Kickboxing 7 is starting to come together now as we already know that Kevin Ross is set to square off with Domenico Lomurno for the vacant Featherweight Championship and the main event sees a fight years in the making as Raymond Daniels challenges Karim Ghajji for the Bellator Welterweight Championship. Now, Bellator has announced that muay thai standout and Steven Wright’s #3 pound-for-pound female fighter Jorina Baars will fight his #14 in Anke Van Gestel on the event.

Jorina Baars is perhaps best known for her decimation of current UFC Featherweight Champion Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino back in March of 2014 in Lion Fight. So look for two of the best female kickboxers in the world to square off at Bellator Kickboxing 7, which takes place on September 23rd, airing on October 6th following Bellator 184.

  • Brian Kelly

    Kind of a waste seeing her in kickboxing, especially when bellator does an event every 6 months, for some reason. Of course maybe it’s nearly impossible to find an opponent for her in muay Thai, or kickboxing, but seeing her in lion fight is more fun than kickboxing. That cyborg fight was really one of the most anticipated and exciting American muay Thai fights in the last several years, one of the biggest in lion fights history, for enthusiastic Muay Thai fans at least.

    She probably made a big mistake not turning to mma as young as possible, she probably woulda had a lot shorter career, but especially fighting worldwide she probably could have racked up a couple million bucks, maybe from UFC alone, instead of the little she’s made from Muay Thai and kickboxing, as much more exciting as those are to watch.

    • Lero

      there wasn’t a featherweight category on the UFC until recently.