Jerome Le Banner Wants to Come Out of Retirement to Fight Patrice Quarteron

When it comes to unfulfilled grudge matches, Patrice Quarteron and Jerome Le Banner is perhaps one of the strangest. It all began years ago when Quarteron set his sights on the bright lights by elevating his status by challenging one of the biggest names in heavyweight kickboxing in Jerome Le Banner. This manifested itself in two YouTube videos entitled “Kill Le Banner”  a la Kill Bill.

Public call-outs, confrontations, social media showdowns, this feud had it all. It just never culminated in an actual fight. Indeed, Le Banner was at the top of his game at the time, while Quarteron was a somewhat popular fighter in France, but nowhere near Le Banner’s level. Now, here we are, years later, and somehow this is still ongoing. To the point where Le Banner has answered another challenge and claims he’ll come out of retirement to fight Patrice.


“Answer and challenge to Patrice Quarteron. The world needs to know! The 4th league is over PQ, back up your word and be brave enough to the 1st league. You make the buzz with your mouth, I make it with my punches. You never were ranked in a world top 50. Thanks to like and share. This video is from the previous one (deleted by accident), so please share this news my friends and my fans. USO.”

So will this fight actually happen? Who knows.