Gonnapar Weerasakrek Ready For Showdown with Wei Rui For the K-1 Lightweight Championship

(K-1 Japan)

When K-1 held their lightweight tournament in February one of the biggest fights that many were looking forward to was a showdown between Gonnapar Weerasakrek and Chinese fighter Wei Rui. Rui, who has taken many off-guard by his dominance, seems like a natural to assume the throne of K-1’s lightweight division. In one of the most exciting events of the year thus far he took the crown in a brutal tournament that saw Gonnapar — one of the early favorites — upset by Ren Hiramoto.

Now on June 18th Gonnapar will have his chance at Wei Rui for K-1’s Lightweight Championship on a card that also features a Super Welterweight tournament and a Super Lightweight Championship bout between Kaew Fairtex and Masaaki Noiri. You can check out Gonnapar preparing for this fight in the video below, as well as an interview.

Gonnapar talks about training with Kaew to prepare as well as working on his basics, including his defense, which he felt was lacking in his fight with Hiramoto. The transition from muay thai to kickboxing hasn’t always been an easy one for Gonnapar, even though he’s been impressive he’s been drilling his punching combinations to make sure that he’s sharp for his shot at the title.

The K-1 World GP in Japan Super Welterweight Tournament happens on June 18th from the Saitama Super Arena Community Arena.