GLORY Signs Mohammed Jaraya, Hints at Fighting ‘Soon’

Fans of kickboxing will undoubtedly know the name Mohammed Jaraya, or, if they don’t know it yet, they’ll know it very well soon. Jaraya is one of those rare, young talents that shines bright in the early stages of his career and has gathered a pretty rabid following because of that. He’s been mostly competing within the Enfusion ring, but now will venture into the deep waters of GLORY’s Welterweight division.

The talk of Jaraya signing to GLORY has been floating around for at least a week now, which makes this announcement come as no surprise. The problem lies in Mohammed Jaraya’s recent actions. Back in April, a frustrated Jaraya lost a close decision and decided to take out his frustrations on an official, visibly slapping the judge as he walked by. This forced Enfusion to make a few difficult (although not THAT difficult) decisions in regards to Jaraya after the FOG in the Netherlands threatened repercussions against the promotion for working around his suspension.

The suspension placed by the FOG was retroactive to the April bout and would be two years, meaning that he would be ineligible to fight in the Netherlands and surrounding countries until 2019. The interview with Jaraya above hints at a debut happening “soon,” with early reports coming out that GLORY had earmarked GLORY 51 as his debut, seeing as though that’s in the Netherlands. As of this moment Miles Simson is still booked to fight at 77kg on the GLORY SuperFight Series and is without an opponent. The coincidence seems almost too convenient.

I’ve spoken with multiple sources inside of GLORY, most of which seem to believe that the suspension is either up or will be up shortly, that it is not a two-year suspension as reported by the FOG. Instead that the second year was “probationary,” that it wasn’t actually a two year ban. Jaraya is an incredibly talented, exciting and charismatic fighter that should be an asset for GLORY, regardless, let’s just hope that he is able to keep his temper under control and that his issues with the FOG can be sorted out.