GLORY Releases Statement on Groenhart Attack From GLORY 42

(GLORY Sports International/James Law)

GLORY 42 was a solid event from top-to-bottom, but perhaps the moment that will overshadow the rest of the event was when two men rushed the ring after Murthel Groenhart knocked out a dazed and clearly confused Harut Grigorian, one landing a superman punch on Groenhart before they swarmed and were pulled off of him.

Early reports were that Murthel had injured his jaw, but backstage video footage from after the event shows him in good spirits and talking just fine. Yet, it was still an unprovoked, unprofessional attack. GLORY has released an official statement on the attack.

GLORY has the most passionate fans in the world; they are an absolutely crucial part of the live show experience and contribute to what makes our events so special.

Saturday night, two audience members at GLORY 42 Paris entered the ring and assaulted one of our athletes, Murthel Groenhart, following his knockout victory.

We are shocked and appalled by the behavior of these two individuals. Investigation into the identities of the assailants is ongoing, as we consider appropriate action organizationally.

GLORY takes the welfare of its athletes very seriously. As such, we intend to pursue the prosecution of these individuals – and any individuals who enter the ring without authorization and/or compromise the safety of our athletes in any fashion – to the fullest extent of the law. On Monday, our legal representation in France will officially lodge a complaint to the Paris prosecutor.

We are also happy to report that Murthel Groenhart was not significantly injured in the unprovoked attack.

This unfortunate situation will not overshadow what was a spectacular and successful night of fights by our athletes, staff, and fans. We look forward to our next event in New York City on July 14 and the opportunity to once again showcase the most exciting sport on the planet.