GLORY Heads to Chicago with GLORY 50 on Feb. 16th

During last night’s broadcast of GLORY 48, it was announced that GLORY will return to Chicago — this time actually in the heart of Chicago — with GLORY 50. GLORY 50 is slated to be their open of the 2018 season and they are doing it with a bang. The event, which is scheduled for February 16th at the University of Illinois, UIC Pavillion, will be headlined by a GLORY Welterweight Championship bout between newly-crowned champion, Murthel Groenhart, and challenger Harut Grigorian.

If that sounds familiar to you, it should be.

Remember that? When Harut turned his back to Groenhart, believing that his cut was going to be looked at, only for Murthel to charge in with a right hook that put him down? On February 16th we get to see what’ll happen when both men meet and [hopefully] Harut doesn’t turn his back to Groenhart.