GLORY China to Be a Separate Entity From GLORY

Scott Rudmann and Yao Ming (GLORY Sports International)

Since the news first broke about GLORY entering into a partnership with NBA legend Yao Ming to bring GLORY to China details have been sparse, to say the least. But now Scott Rudmann has dished a bit on their plans to the Telegraph and they are definitely interesting.

A solid lesson to learn from past business endeavors from the western world into China is that you can’t simply decide that you are in business in China, it doesn’t work that way. Many companies have found serious roadblocks in their way or have failed to adapt to the Chinese culture and failed, so instead of simply running a few GLORY events in China, GLORY has a radical new idea: GLORY China.

“Instead of Glory rolling up in China and say hey guys we’re going to set up an organisation for events there, Glory China will be a Chinese company. The majority of the company will be owned by Chinese investors. Glory will be a significant minority shareholder. We will show them out to run a sports league the way Glory does it and we will continue to have the best stand up fighters in the world. We will inject our fighters and our expertise into that but we will let them operate in China in the Chinese way. We won’t try to impose our western methods on a Chinese business.”

This is certainly an interesting take on the market and something to be looking out for. According to Rudmann, there will be an announcement on the first Chinese event in early August.