GLORY Announces the Return of Badr Hari at GLORY 51 Rotterdam

In perhaps one of the biggest signings that GLORY has made in years now, GLORY announced today during the GLORY: Redemption broadcast that Badr Hari has signed a multi-fight, long-term contract with GLORY that will bear fruit on March 3rd at GLORY 51 Rotterdam. Hari, last seen at GLORY: Collision last December, has had his share of legal problems and has mulled over retiring from the sport for years now, but with his legal problems seemingly behind him, GLORY was able to lure the biggest free agent in kickboxing to sign and compete in the heavyweight division.

While his opponent hasn’t been announced yet, chances are that Hari will make an immediate impact upon the heavyweight division and now that he’s signed a deal with the organization, a rematch with Rico Verhoeven for the world title seems to be in order.

The question is if Hari can avoid legal problems moving forward and if the 33-year-old’s heart is still in the sport enough for him to be as dominant as he once was. Badr Hari never, truly got his run at the top in a major organization, just falling short of greatness in K-1, now seems like the perfect time to prove that he was and is the best in the sport to his legion of incredibly loyal fans.