GLORY 56 Adds Massaro Glunder vs. Quade Taranaki and More

GLORY 56 Denver

On August 10th GLORY returns to Denver with GLORY 56, featuring Artem Vakhitov defending the GLORY Light Heavyweight Championship against Danyo Ilunga. The unstoppable Anissa Meksen will defend her Super Bantamweight Championship against the very tough Jady Menezes in a rematch. Added today was Massaro Glunder vs. Quade Taranaki to the main card, while the SuperFight Series has been filled out as well.

The middleweights will be the focus of the SuperFight Series as Simon Marcus battles Jason Wilnis in the main event there. A light heavyweight tournament takes place as well, with Myron Dennis taking on Danny Mitchell and Chris Camozzi battling John King, with Camozzi making his first tournament appearance. Justin Houghton vs. Troy Sheridan has been bumped up from the prelims to the SuperFight Series as well.

GLORY 56 Denver
Light Heavyweight Title Bout: Artem Vakhitov (c) vs. Danyo Ilunga
Super Bantamweight Title Bout: Anissa Meksen (c) vs. Jady Menezes
Featherweight Bout: Serhii Adamchuk vs. Anvar Boynazarov
Featherweight Bout: Massaro Glunder vs. Quade Taranaki

GLORY 56 SuperFight Series
Middleweight No. 1 Contender Bout: Simon Marcus vs. Jason Wilnis
Light Heavyweight Tournament Final Bout: Winner of Bout A vs. Winner of Bout B
Heavyweight Bout: D’Angelo Marshall vs. Antonio Dvorak
Lightweight Bout: Justin Houghton vs. Troy Sheridan
Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout B: Chris Camozzi vs. John King
Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout A: Myron Dennis vs. Danny Mitchell

GLORY 56 Prelims
Lightweight Bout: Lorawnt-t Nelson vs. Vince McGuinness
Welterweight Bout: Sean Choice vs. Thomas Diagne
Middleweight Bout: Zack Wells vs. Ryot Waller
Featherweight Bout: Ben Acosta vs. Houssam El Kasri
Welterweight Bout: Justin Moss vs. Charles Rodriguez