GLORY 55 New York Live Results and Updates

GLORY 55 New York

Here we are, GLORY 55 goes down tonight, live on UFC Fight Pass and ESPNews in the United States. The show is headlined by Alex Pereira vs. Yousri Belgaroui for the GLORY Middleweight Championship and is set to be a good night of fights.

The GLORY 55 SuperFight Series airs on UFC FIGHT PASS at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT. The GLORY 55 main card airs on ESPNews at 9:30 p.m. ET / 6:30 p.m. PT, with a replay this Sunday, July 22 on ESPN2 at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT. So join us here for live results and updates, also on Twitter @LiverKickdotcom.


Middleweight Title Headline Bout: Alex Pereira (R1 – KO) Yousri Belgaroui – Rd 1 Alex keeping the pressure on Yousri early and landing some low kicks, Belgaroui lands a good right hand and is throwing a few body kicks that Pereira is blocking well. Pereira slips Belgaroui’s right hand and lands his own and Belgaroui goes to sleep, fight over.

Interim Featherweight Title Co-Headline Bout: Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao (R5 – Split Dec) Kevin Vannostrand   – Rd 1 Petch starts off with a kick to the cup and once Kevin recovered Petch sweeps him. Petch slipping off and landing some solid punches from both hands. Kevin flying in with knees awkward punches and lands a good right hand at the end of the round. Rd 2 Petch throwing single powerful punches but Kevin is avoiding most of them and both fighters tieing up but Petch lands a couple knees every clinch. Petch gets warned for clinching even though its both fighters initiating and Dan Miragliotta says he will take a point next time. Rd 3 more of the same as previous rd, until Petch lands another low blow and Big Dan takes a point. Very messy round so far Vannostrand getting way to close and making it impossible to do anything but clinch. Rd 4 more clinching and Dan says hes taking another point from Petch but he doesnt show it in the middle of the ring, now Petch sweeps Kevin 3 times and grazes a jumping left high kick, Big Dan shakes his head as the round ends hes upset. Rd 5 Petch lands a good right body kick under Kevins left hand and then they clinch for pretty much the rest of the round, Dan needs a beer and a burger.

Heavyweight Bout: Junior Tafa (R1 – TKO 3 knockdowns) Anthony McDonald – Mcdonald opens up throwing body kicks but Mcdonald does not look comfortable blocking boxing and Tafa drops him with a left hook. Once Mcdonald gets up he looks hurt and exhausted and he goes down two more times just from pressure and the fight is over.

Featherweight Bout: Victor Pinto (R3 – Split Dec) Nate Richardson – Rd 1 Richardson pressing forward and stalking Pinto wanting to land hand combinations, Pinto tieing up and kicking to avoid Nates hands. Rd 2 Pinto picking up steam and doing better to keep Nate away with his hard body kicks. Rd 3 Pinto looking relaxed and doing well to showboat and land some kicks and hands now as well. Richardson marching forward and leaning on Pinto but not throwing enough.

Lightweight Bout: Elvis Gashi (R3 – Unanimous Dec) Nick Chasteen by Unanimous Dec – Rd 1 both fighters look tentative Gashi lands 1 left hand but Chasteen takes it well. Rd 2 Chasteen countering Gashis left kick with his own  right low kick and landing well, Gashi lands a body hook that hurts Chasteen and tries to flurry but Chasteen does well to clinch up, round ends with both guys slugging it out with neither landing anything too clean but Gashi keeping the pressure. Rd 3 Chasteen lands a couple high kicks but not too much on them so Gashi calls him on then throws a few of his own which Chasteen blocks. Both guys looking slow in the last 30 seconds and clinching up. Fight ends with Chasteen landing a good low kick, Gashi’s legs looks to be hurt.


Welterweight Headline Bout: Cédric Doumbé (R2 – TKO) Alan Scheinson – The first round saw Doumbe drop Scheinson, who just got pissed off because he felt it was a slip. So he went super aggressive to close out the round. In round two Doumbe found the mark with uppercuts and knees up the middle, able to connect and push Scheinson into the corner and finish him off.

Super Bantamweight Co-Headline Bout: Tiffany Van Soest (R3 – Split Decision) Sofia Olofsson – Very, very close fight. Olofsson will absolutely be a good addition to the division. She gave van Soest an incredibly tough fight and some would argue that Olofsson won that fight, she definitely landed a lot more in the way of strikes.

Lightweight Bout: Itay Gershon (R2 – TKO) Trevor Ragin – Gershon was all about the overhand left, which he was able to land after punishing flurries to the head and body. A spinning hook kick followed by that overhand left to put Ragin down and for the ref to call the fight.

Featherweight Bout: Asa Ten Pow (R1 – TKO) Justin Greskiewicz – Asa Ten Pow showed some real ring presence and power in his bout here, ripping a body shot to Greskiewicz that put him down and out of the fight. Really impressive fight here against a known entity in Greskiewicz.

Middleweight Bout: Jacob Rodriguez (R3 – Decision) Joe Taylor