GLORY 54 and GLORY 54 SuperFight Series Live Results

After much anticipation, GLORY has finally returned to the UK with GLORY 54. Follow the action live here on LiverKick as we’ll be updating with live results.

The action is live on UFC Fight Pass, followed by 4:30pm eastern live on ESPNews in the US.

GLORY 54 Birmingham
Heavyweight Headline Bout: Rico Verhoeven (R5 – Decision) Mladen Brestovac – Brestovac lasted all five rounds, but Rico’s hands were on a different level here. He was able to nullify virtually anything and everything that Brestovac did, worked over his legs and kept in tight to prevent the head kick.
Welterweight Title Co-Headline Bout: Harut Grigorian (R5 – Decision) Alim Nabiyev – This was a frustrating fight for a lot of reasons. Harut was walking forward and throwing bombs, but wasn’t really connecting all that much. He would connect when he’d put some technique in there, but it was a mess. Nabiyev was hanging back and working the knee to the body, but that’d get Harut close and Harut would throw (and miss) big looping punches. The judges couldn’t seem to see anything that Nabiyev was doing, if they had it would’ve been a lot closer on the score cards, but Harut wins after an underwhelming fight.
Featherweight Bout: Bailey Sugden (R2 – No Contest – Headbutt) Aleksei Ulianov – An unintentional headbutt from Bailey Sugden opened up a nasty cut on Ulianov, which stopped the bout, leading to a no contest.
Featherweight Bout: Chenglong Zhang (R3 – Decision) Adrian Maxim

GLORY 54 SuperFight Series
Light Heavyweight Headline Bout: Danyo Ilunga (R3 – Decision) Fraser Weightman
Lightweight Co-Headline Bout: Josh Jauncey (R3 – Split) Christian Baya
Welterweight Bout: Adam Hadfield (R3 – Split) Richard Abraham
Lightweight Bout: Marat Grigorian (R3 – Decision) Liu Xu
Lightweight Bout: Elvis Gashi (R3 – Decision) William Goldie-Galloway
Welterweight Tournament Semifinal Bout 2: Mark Timms (R3 – Decision) Dawid Blaszke
Welterweight Tournament Semifinal Bout 1: Jamie Bates (R3 – Decision) Tommie King