GLORY 48 New York and GLORY 48 SuperFight Series Results

Tonight, starting at 7:30pm Eastern, the GLORY 48 SuperFight Series comes at you live on UFC Fight Pass, featuring Tiffany van Soest defending her Super Bantamweight Championship against Anissa Meksen. Starting at 10pm eastern on ESPN3 GLORY 48 brings you a middleweight tournament as well as Kevin VanNostrand competing against Anvar Boynazarov for the GLORY Interim Featherweight Championship.

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GLORY 48 New York
Interim Featherweight Title Headline Bout:
 Kevin VanNostrand def. Anvar Boynazarov by KO Rd 1 (knee to the liver) – Kevin comes out spinning and throwing front kicks but runs into head first into a Anvar left hand and gets dropped early. Kevin beats the count and holds on to survive, then lands a left knee and Anvar looks fine but seconds later drops from the knee to the liver, Kevin wins by KO
Middleweight Tournament Final Bout:  Robert Thomas  def. Mike Lemaire by KO Rd 3 (Straight Right) – Rd 1 Close round, Lemaire throwing big power overhands, while Thomas chips away and the legs and body with knees and low kicks. Rd 2 Thomas starting to throw combinations and pressure Lemaire on the robes but got caught with a few punches. Rd 3 Thomas puts Lemaire down with a straight right while Lemaire tried to throw an uppercut. Lemaire cannot beat the count.
Light Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout: Thiago Silva def. John King by Unanimous Dec – Rd 1 Fairly evenly matched fight, King and Silva each landing their own big overhands but King landing some hard low kicks as well. Rd 2 King seems to have stopped throwing any offense and is content just blocking Silva’s jabs and right hands, until the last 30 seconds of the fight King throws about 5 body kicks in a row and a couple punches. Rd 3 King again not doing much but when he does its effective, either landing body kicks or big body punches while walking through all Silvas punches.
Middleweight Tournament Semifinal Bout B: Robert Thomas def. Wayne Barrett by Unanimous Dec – Rd 1 Thomas landing good liver punches and a few good right hands and putting lots of pressure on Barrett, one of Thomas’s most active first rounds, Barrett looking tentative. Rd 2  Barrett landing more shots this round while Thomas pressures and neither fighter throwing many kicks. Rd 3 Thomas drops Barrett with a left hook as Barrett bounces off the ropes, Barrett takes his time getting up and looks fully recovered and starts taking the fight to Thomas and wobbles him but Thomas stays up.
Middleweight Tournament Semifinal Bout A: Mike Lemaire def. Matt Baker by Unanimous Dec Extra Rd

GLORY 48 SuperFight Series
Super Bantamweight Title Headline Bout:
 Anissa Meksen def. Tiffany van Soest by Unanimous Dec – Very technical fight from start to finish, Meksen making Tiffany miss a lot and countering well with low kicks, both women are so good that its hard for either to land anything other than low kicks. Meksen has landed a few hard left hooks but Tiffany can’t seem to figure out Meksen’s distance. Every clinch the ref seems to allow multiple knees from either fighter. Last round Tiffany lands a good left hook but takes many low kicks during the round. Close fight could go either way.
Middleweight Bout: Chris Camozzi def. Kyle Weickhardt by TKO Rd 2 (Doc/Corner stoppage) – Camozzi throwing non stop while keeping Kyle on the ropes, Kyle just taking his shots, Camozzi not throwing much power but easily winning the round. Rd 2 Camozzi picking his strikes more but still landing at will and they wave the fight off at the end of the second due to the amount of damage and how exhausted Weikhardt looked.
Lightweight Bout:  Elvis Gashi def. Nate Richardson by Unanimous Dec – Rd 1 Gashi drops Nate with a left hand but cant finish him off. Rd 2 Richardson looks recovered and is pressuring Gashi but getting hit with a few front kicks. Rd 3 Richardson is attached to Gashi and will not give him an inch to breath throwing constant left hands and cutting Gashi in the process.
Middleweight Bout: Ivan Galaz def. Paul Banasiak by Majority Dec – Banasiak looking good early and keeping good distance, Galaz drops him with an overhand at the end of the 2nd. Galaz throwing bombs in the 3rd while blocking Banasiak’s kicks.
Lightweight Bout: Itay Gershon def. Justin Houghton by Unanimous Dec – Gershon throwing a mix of techniques but low kicks and right hands are landing clean, Itay using his low kicks to eventually whip up the high kick which Houghton takes well. Itay starts landing the left hook in round 3, J-HO cannot seem to figure out Gershon.