GLORY 46 Results: Verhoeven Destroys Bigfoot, Pereira Bests Marcus

(GLORY Sports International/James Law)

GLORY’s Chinese debut with GLORY 46 has came and went now, with their first big GLORY China event in the books that saw a lot of questions answered and a lot more new questions arise. On the SuperFight Series fans were treated to a host of fights, which have been archived — for free — via YouTube by UFC Fight Pass, including Pascal Schroth winning a tight split decision over Qinghao Meng, Petchpanomrung edging out Lei Xie, Jia Liu and Zaza Sor. Aree going to a no contest via an unintentional elbow that opened up a nasty cut. Alan Scheinson defeated Shanghai Gao, while in a Sanda bout Honxing Kong was able to knock out Yang Sun. Wei Zhou picked up a decision over Andre Walker and, in the main event, Rico Verhoeven did, indeed, outclass Bigfoot Silva in Silva’s kickboxing debut much like everyone had assumed he would.

Verhoeven worked over the legs of the giant with his patented leg kicks, while working his hands freely. Bigfoot spent a good portion of the first round sort of falling on Verhoeven, almost like he was going for a takedown, but mostly that he was getting kicked in the leg and was having trouble standing. Thirty seconds into the second round Rico landed a left head kick that put Silva down. Silva was able to fight back up, where Rico clearly knew that he had the upperhand and started taking risks, throwing spinning kicks Bigfoot’s way, two of them hitting Bigfoot’s gloves and setting up a right hand that dazed Bigfoot, a left hand that left him reeling against the ropes and the ref jumped in just as the right uppercut was about to land to stop the beating.

Onto GLORY 46 where Masaya Kubo made short work of Chenchen Li and Zhenglong Zhang took a decision over Quade Taranki in the featherweight tournament. In a battle of the big men, Junior Tafa stopped Quanchao Luo in the first round, while the featherweight tournament finals saw Zhang take Kubo to a decision victory to move up the featherweight ladder and raise his stock significantly within GLORY. The main event was another story altogether, with the usually ineffable skill of Simon Marcus was up against Alex Pereira and his inconsistencies and Pereira was able to not only win the fight, but do it decisively.

The tremendous height advantage of Pereira came into play early on in the fight, with him able to walk Marcus down, overpower and bully Marcus when he went for his signature clinches and keep him at bay with his jabs. Marcus was still landing, but the tides started to change in round two when a right hook caught Marcus and sent him crashing to the canvas.

Pereira was able to connect with his hands almost at will afterwards, backing up the champion and using his superior reach to keep the champ hurt. Marcus was looking to work his kicks, but they just left his chin open for Pereira’s hands. This quickly became the story of the match and Marcus was unable to find an answer for Pereira’s reach.

GLORY Middleweight Championship: Alex Pereira (R5 – Dec) Simon Marcus(C)
Featherweight Tournament Final: Zhenglong Zhang (R3 – Dec) Masaya Kubo
Junior Tafa (R1 – TKO) Quanchao Luo
Featherweight Tournament: Zhenglong Zhang (R3 – Dec) Quade Taranki
Featherweight Tournament: Masaya Kubo (R1 – KO) Chenchen Li

GLORY 46 SuperFight Series
Rico Verhoeven (R2 – TKO) Antonio Silva
Wei Zhou (R3 – Dec) Andre Walker
Alan Scheinson (R3 – Majority Dec) Shanghai Gao
Sanda Bout: Honxing Kong (R1 – KO) Yang Sun
Jia Liu (R2 – NC) Zaza Sor. Aree
Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao (R3 – Dec) Lei Xie
Pascal Schroth (R3 – Split Dec) Qinghao Meng