GLORY 46 China Card to Be Announced on Friday

After months of discussion about the upcoming debut of GLORY kickboxing in China, we’ll finally have further details on GLORY 46 China on Friday, August 18th when they hold a press conference to formally announce the event and the fight card.

On top of that, Rico Verhoeven is scheduled to have his next fight at GLORY 46 and will be at the press conference to announce said fight. All of the details that we’ve gathered in the last few months since this has been rumored are that it will not be a championship fight and that he will not be fighting one of the many contenders within the division. Instead, sources claim that he’ll be fighting a former UFC and MMA star, although that could have easily changed.

The names that we’ve heard batted around areĀ interesting, to say the least. If that comes to fruition it should be a fight that could draw in a wider MMA-based audience, although it’s not clear if it’ll excite Chinese fans and probably won’t excite kickboxing fans all-too-much. The rest of the card is said to be heavy on Chinese fighters and should include some surprises.