GLORY 45 Amsterdam Live Results

On Saturday, September 30th GLORY comes to you live with GLORY 45 Amsterdam, featuring Robin van Roosmalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuk for the GLORY Featherweight Championship. The event also features a light heavyweight tournament and on the SuperFight Series one of the best fights of the year on paper in Zakaria Zouggary vs. Massaro Glunder.

The event airs live, starting with the SuperFight Series live on UFC Fight Pass at 1pm eastern/10am pacific, then followed by GLORY 45 at 3:30pm eastern/12:30pm pacific on ESPN3.

GLORY 45 Amsterdam
Featherweight Title Headline Bout:
 Robin van Roosmalen vs. Serhiy Adamchuk – Rd 1 RvR doing what he does and stalking while Adamchuk controls the outside of the ring landing some counters, RvR lands a good right hand mid round but otherwise nothing clean just a bit scrappy. Rd 2 Adamchuk’s angles and knees are doing well but Robin is turning it up and closing the distance well to throw combinations still both fighters blocking most of the strikes bu RvR is busier Rd 3 RvR having more and more success the longer the fight goes, his pressure and pace is very high, Adamchuk has moments of greatness with his knees and body kicks but he needs more. Rd 4 Both these guys are so hard to hit clean that all punches and kicks are either blocked or grazing making all these rounds look the same RvR has not slowed down a bit while Adamchuk may have lost a little steam from moving so much. Rd 5 Adamchuk comes out hard and freezes Robin just covering up standing still while Admachuk tees off, RvR just continues the pressure immediately after. Adamchuk throws a rolling thunder kick and wobbles RvR through his block then he just unleashes hands on a wobbly Robin bloodying his nose and trying to finish the fight before the bell. Great end to the fight

Light Heavyweight Tournament Final Bout: Michael Duut def. Manny Mancha by KO Rd 1 (left hook) – Annihilation… thats all

Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout: Mladen Brestovac def. Hesdy Gerges by KO Rd 1 (Left high kick) – Rd 1 Hesdy starting with low kicks but his right hand is too low espeically for a guy like Brestovac who has an amazing left high kick which he landed shortly into the round and puts Gerges lights out.

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout B: Manny Mancha def. Imad Hadar by TKO Rd 2 (shoulder injury) – Rd 1 Hadar drops Mancha almost instantly with a left hook behind the ear, ref gives an 8 count. Mancha looks very weak and slow compared to Hadar, everything Hadar throws hurts Mancha. Rd 2 Hadar doing well but all of a sudden stops and starts walking away, not sure what happened but it looks like possibly dislocated shoulder.

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout A: Michael Duut def. Dragos Zubco by KO Rd 1 (Left hook) – Rd 1 Both guys come out heavy, Duut lands a perfect counter left hook and Zubco is asleep.

GLORY 45 SuperFight Series
Middleweight Headline Bout: Yousri Belgaroui def. Jason Wilnis def by TKO Rd 1 (doc stoppage due to cut) – Rd 1 Yousri landing great jabs and straight punches while Wilnis just covers up, Belgaroui lands a great body kick and follows with a hard knee and follows up with combination after combination taking it to Wilnis. Yousri opens a big cut over Wilnis eye with a knee and the doctor stops the fight, Belgaroui looked great.

Featherweight Bout: Zakaria Zouggary def. Massaro Glunder by Unanimous Dec – Rd 1 slower paced round than expected, Glunder using straight punches and ZZ throwing a few haymakers and spinning techniques, ZZ lands a hard hook at the end of the round. Rd 2 ZZ letting his hands go more this round and his hands look very quick, Glunder catching him with a few jabs and grazing right high kick while ZZ tries to angle. Counter left hook by Glunder is the best punch of the round but ZZ flurries to close out the round. Rd 3 ZZ comes with a great hand combination going from body to head perfectly but Glunder covers up and takes it no problem. ZZ lands a jumping switch knee and Glunder falls, ref says no down but hard to tell if it landed clean, Glunder trying to tie up then counters a jumping knee with a big right hand, fun fight.

Lightweight Bout: Tyjani Beztati def. Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai by Unanimous Dec – Rd 1 Beztati coming out with snappy jabs and a few combinations, Yodkhunpon trying to counter with a few low kicks and haymakers. Rd 2 Yodkhunpon being a bit more aggressive but now Beztati starting to kick after his hands and they are landing well both guys stand toe to tow and throw hands in the last 5 seconds of the round. Rd 3 Not much happening this round, neither guy seems to have the urgency to try and finish the fight. Yodkhunpon started landing his counter hooks at the end of the round and probably stole that round.

Welterweight Bout: Eyevan Danenberg def. Wellington Uega by TKO Rd 2 (3 knockdowns) – 1st rd Danenberg landing some clean left uppercuts in combinations and ducking the left hook well to land his own. He wobbles Uega at the end of the round with a left hook then flurries and knocks Uega over with a knee and the ref gives Uega an 8 count. 2nd Rd Danenberg starts off like the rd like he finished the first, great combinations and then he drops Uega after slipping off the ropes and getting a beautiful angle then landing 2 punches, he drops Uega twice more with combinations and the fight is over.

Catchweight (73 kg) Bout: Kevin Hessling def. Stoyan Koprivlenski by Unanimous Dec – 1st round starts with a crazy pace, no feeling out both guys just going back and forth with combinations for the whole round non stop, Hessling focussing on the body while Stoyan focusing on the head. 2nd round looks like Hessling can keep up this pace but Koprivlenski fading, Hessling landing some great combinations but he isn’t throwing with much power. Rd 3 Hessling is a machine just walking forward throwing again not giving Stoyan any space or time to think, Stoyan started having some success with this kicks this round, but not sure it will be enough.