GLORY 44 Chicago and GLORY 44 SuperFight Series Live Results

GLORY 44 goes down tonight, live from Hoffman Estates, Illinois with a Welterweight-filled evening featuring two world titles on the line in Cedric Doumbe’s Welterweight Championship against Murthel Groenhart and Tiffany van Soest’s Super Bantamweight Championship against Meryem Uslu.

The SuperFight Series airs live on UFC FightPass starting at 7pm eastern/4pm pacific while GLORY 44 airs live on ESPN 3 at 10:00pm eastern/7:00 pacific and we’ll be cover the event live, as it happens. Follow us on Twitter, @liverkickdotcom, @JayJauncey and @dvewlsh for more updates.


Welterweight Title Headline Bout:
Murthel Groenhart (R5 – Split Decision) Cédric Doumbé  — Rd1 Doumbe feinting and landing inside low kicks, they both throw hands and get tangled up and Murthel slips so Doumbe stands over him. Otherwise not much significant more of a feel out round. Rd2 Doumbe makes Murthel miss and taunts him after landing a couple low kicks. Murthel really landing nothing until the last 10 seconds of the round where he landed a few from a combo. Rd3 Definitely a messy fight hard to tell who’s even landing because when they throw they get tangled and off balance but Doumbe is landing a few low kicks, Doumbe turns his back and Murthel lands a few shots that makes Doumbe angry and turn and swing. Rd4 Doumbe landing more low kicks but looks as though hes tiring a little, both guys not really going for it in this fight. Rd5 Doumbe has landed more and is still landing more this round and Murthel is still hitting mostly air really just Doumbe landing 10 or so low kicks the whole round.

Welterweight Tournament Final:
Harut Grigorian (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Antoine Pinto — Harut landing some hard punches but Pinto takes them well. Rd2 Harut swinging hard but again Pinto taking it and now answering back with his own shots this is a scrap they are exchanging shot for shot on the chin but Harut hits harder. Rd3 Pinto is trying to tie up Harut and land small knees to avoid Grigorians onslaught of punches but it will not be enough to win the round or the fight.

Welterweight Co-Headline Bout:
Richard Abraham (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Daniel Morales — Abraham showing he has the power advantage in round 1 landing right hands that look to hurt Morales both guy stare each other down at the end of the round. Rd2 Both guys pretty much only boxing and exchanging punch for punch for most of the round, Abraham lands a nice high kick in the last 30 seconds of the fight which may when him the round. Rd3 Morales doesn’t seem to have the urgency to take the fight to Abraham like he needs too so Abraham takes the fight to him and drops Morales with a combination finished by a left hook. Morales beats the count and survives the round.

Welterweight Tournament Semifinal Bout:
Antoine Pinto (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Zach Bunnell — Rd1 Pinto using low kicks, body kicks and jabs to keep his distance, Bunnell just standing in front of Pinto trying to land some big shots to no avail. Rd2 Bunnell coming out more aggressive this round and having success with some boxing at the start but as the round goes on Pinto starts to pull away with kicks and head movement. Rd3 Bunnell fighting at Pinto’s muay thai pace and trading kicks with him but Pintos kicks are much better and now Pinto just cruises in the last portion of the round assuming hes done enough.

Welterweight Tournament Semifinal Bout:
Harut Grigorian (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Karim Benmansour — Harut coming out with the high guard letting Karim pitter pat with punches for the first minute, then Harut starts to let the punches fly and Benmansour  blocks most of them but is stumbling off balance all over the ring but he is very durable. Rd 2 Benmansour attacking the body and kicking Haruts rear leg while Grigorian is looking like hes slowing down and his power is not as overwhelming. Same as Rd 2 Benmansour the much busier fighter but not putting much power behind his shots so Harut can cover up and not take too much damage, Harut lands some shots and rocks Karim in the last 15 seconds of the fight but he stays up.


Super Bantamweight Title Headline Bout:
Tiffany van Soest (Rd4 – TKO) Meryem Uslu — Both fighters feeling each other out in the first, Uslu more flat footed and stalking while Tiffany is moving and picking Uslu off with low kicks and straight punches. Rd 2 Tiffany landing more and more and the knees to the body are getting to Uslu and hurt her at least twice this round, Uslu looks too slow for Tiffany at this point. Rd 3 Uslu had a little better round here and was able to put a bit more pressure on Tiffany and sweep her once, Tiffany still picking Uslu off though. Rd4 Tiffany comes out hard and lands a left front kick to the face and then barrages Uslu with kicks and knees, Chris Wagner steps in to count then stops the fight. Seemed a little early but no protest or complaints from Uslu.

Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout:
Michal Turynski (R3 – Split Decision) Cătălin Moroșanu — Morosanu comes flying in with overhand lefts as usual while Turynski is trying front kicks and knees to keep Morosanu away. Morosanu is missing with most punches but he is the aggressor and he managed to kick Turynski’s legs out twice. Rd 2 more of the same but Morosanu landed a few big punches this round and Turynski’s kicks and knees are getting closer to landing. Rd 3 both fighters are exhausted but Morosanu is still the aggressor and is just throwing more even though he isn’t really landing hes still the only one throwing.

Middleweight Bout:
Dustin Jacoby (R1 – TKO, 3 knockdowns) Sean Choice — Early knockdown from a barrage of straight rights from the much bigger Jacoby, 2nd knockdown by Jacoby with a jumping switch knee, 3rd knockdown by Jacoby with another jumping knee, fight is over.

Middleweight Bout:
Robert Thomas (R3 – KO) Warren Thompson — Close first round, good low kicks and one high kick from Thomas, while Thompson able to land a few counter punches and a good right hand at the end of the round. Thompson landing some clean punches to start round 2 and continued throughout the round while Thomas waiting a little too long and just landing a few low kicks. Just when you feel Robert Thomas is not throwing enough he sets up a perfect right uppercut with a double jab and follows up the uppercut with a right hook and Thompson is fully asleep, great combo.

Lightweight Bout:
Nate Richardson (R3 – Unanimous Dec) Rafal Dudek — The shorter Richardson closing the distance and landing good punch combinations in round 1 while Dudek tried to keep Nate away but did not have much success. Round 2 Nate starts to look tired and Dudek is able to keep more distance between them and land knees when it gets in tight. Round 3 Richardson seems to have a 2nd wind and pushing forward and landing some nice low kicks, bit of a sloppy round though as both fighters seem a little tired.

Featherweight Bout:
Victor Pinto (R3 – Split Decision) Adrian Maxim — Interesting bout with Maxim showing a lot in the fight, but Victor Pinto was clearly just a few steps ahead. Pinto worked his body kicks and was able to eke out the decision.