GLORY 43 Live Results

GLORY 43 goes down tonight, July 14th, live from the Theater at MSG. Benjamin Adegbuyi will take on tough up-and-comer Guto Inocente in the main event of the show, while a Featherweight tournament will be the focal point. Josh Jauncey taking on New Yorker Elvis Gashi rounds out the main card.

The SuperFight Series features a GLORY Light Heavyweight Interim Championship bout between Pavel Zhuravlev and Saulo Cavalari. The SuperFight Series starts at 7:30pm Eastern on UFC Fight Pass while the main card is at 10:00pm eastern on ESPN3.

I’ll be tweeting about the event live from @LiverKickdotcom.

Heavyweight Headline Bout: Guto Inocente (R3 – Split Decision) Benjamin Adegbuyi — Feels like the judges couldn’t get their stuff together tonight. This was a close fight, though.
Featherweight Tournament Final Bout: Kevin Vannostrand (R3 – Dec) Giga Chikadze — Another interesting upset victory here. Giga had a point deducted in R2 for a sweep and that was what decided the fight.
Lightweight Bout: Elvis Gashi (R2 – TKO) Josh Jauncey — Absolutely not what anyone expected from this fight. Josh started off R1 looking good and technical, while Gashi was absolutely game. In R2 Gashi found a way to sneak his left hand in and dropped Jauncey a stunning three times on his way to a crazy upset.
Featherweight Tournament Semifinal Bout: Kevin Vannostrand (R1 – TKO) Mo Abdurahman — Vannostrand came out very, very aggressive and landed a great backfist to stun Mo. Two knockdowns was ballgame and GLORY gets their Vannostrand/Chikadze rematch.
Featherweight Tournament Semifinal Bout: Giga Chikadze (R3 – Split Dec) Aleksei Ulianov — Interesting fight between two very, very good fighters. Giga was being Giga while Aleksei was fighting a smart fight, but a close one at that. It could’ve gone either way. Perhaps the wrong guy won here.

Interim Light Heavyweight Title Headline Bout: Pavel Zhuravlev (R3 – Dec) Saulo Cavalari — Yeah, weird, three rounds for a title fight, right? Anyway, the first two rounds were close, but perhaps I’d give an edge to Zhuravlev. A lot of low blows by Cavalari. In R3 the ref paused the action to warn Cavalari, then Cavalari immediately hit a low blow that the ref didn’t call. Pavel was asking for a break and instead got smacked by Cavalari. That woke him up and Pavel went into overdrive until he downed Cavalari with seconds left in the fight to clinch the win.
Featherweight Bout: Bailey Sugden (R3 – Dec) Arthur Sorsor — Bailey Sugden impressed, like we thought he would. Sorsor was game and throwing a lot of flying knees, but Bailey’s level changes and crisp boxing was enough to nullify any of Sorsor’s offense.
Middleweight Bout: Joe Taylor (R2 – TKO) Ariel Sepulveda — This fight was not pretty. But Taylor was landing his big punches in R2 and Sepulveda kept going down, to the point where there was a question of why Big Dan the ref was letting the fight continue.
Super Bantamweight Bout: Anissa Meksen (R3 – Dec) Jady Menezes — Simply a mismatch. Anissa Meksen is one of, if not the best in the world, while Jady Menezes had literally never left Brazil before this fight. That being said, Menezes showed incredible heart and while outmatched never gave up and showed flashes of brilliance. Put her against most of the women from the tournament last year and she looks like a killer.
Lightweight Bout: Itay Gershon (R3 – Dec) Rafal Dudek — This fight was pretty much incredible. Both men were fast, technical and laying it all on the line. I’m not going to attempt to sum it up beyond that. Watch this fight.
Featherweight Bout: Chenchen Li (R1 – KO) Terrence Hill — Hill came out aggressive and was pushing the pace, while Li was looking for the right moment. That right moment presented itself and Li landed a right hand that face-planted Hill. Ouch. Awesome debut for the Chinese fighter.