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Full Line-Up For Muay Thai GP 17: Peters vs. Harrison

This Saturday, July 7th at the O2 Arena in London Muay Thai Grand Prix, in association with Lion Fight, will present Muay Thai GP 17 / Kickboxing GP 11. The event, headlined by a battle dubbed “The Battle for Britain” between two of the UK’s most famous fighters, sees Charlie Boy Peters battle Liam Harrison in full thai rules at 66.7kg. This is one of the most interesting bouts for fans in the UK as Liam Harrison has been a stalwart of the UK fight scene, known as one of the best in the world, while Peters has been a rising star over the last few years and is looking to take that throne from Harrison.

This will all go down in the Muay Thai GP ring, a promotion that has been making big waves in the last three years and through a partnership with the US-based Lion Fight Promotions has become internationally renowned.

MTGP17 Main Card

-MTGP Super Fight-
Liam Harrison (Bad Company) V Charlie Peters (Double K)
FTR – 66.7KG – 5×3

-Co-Main Event-
Eric Rocha (M.A.F.A) V Michael Pham (Team Tieu)
FTR – 67KG – 5×3

Joe Le Maire (Unit 1 Gym) V Evan Jays (Double K)
FTR – 53.5KG – 3×3

Walid Djenane (Obyfight) V Shane O’Neill (MMA Clinic)
FTR – 67KG – 3×3

Morgane Manfred (Family Muay Thai) V Rush Ashdown (Lumpini Crawley)
FTR – 57KG – 3×3

Carlos Marin (Spain) V Lewis Childs (Double K)
FTR – 72KG – 3×3

KGP11 Main Card

Dylan Meagher (Valhalla Fighting Gym) V Sam Wells (Double K)
K1 – 84KG – 3×2

-KGP European Title-
Vinny Church V Luke Whelan (Double K)
K1 – 70KG – 3×3
Holder: Luke Whelan

Solomon Lefleur (MMA Den) V Jamie McGuigan (Double K)
K1 – 67.5KG – 3×3

Elmear Codd (Valhalla Fighting Gym) V Sarah Worsfold (Team Falcon)
K1 – 64.5KG – 3×3