Follow-Up on Enfusion Promoter’s Claims Against Badr Hari

Last week we learned that GLORY had secured the services of Badr Hari and that he’ll be fighting on March 3rd in Rotterdam. Today we learned that his opponent will be none other than Hesdy Gerges, a man that has a win over him via DQ back in 2010. But what about that claim from an Enfusion promoter that Enfusion had secured Badr Hari’s rights for a fight in May against Luis Tavares? He hasn’t forgotten.

The latest on the case sounds like things are relatively hopeless for the Enfusion team, because they know they can’t stop him from fighting. According to the lawyer for the Enfusion side,¬†Walter van Steenbrugge, they will be pursuing a lawsuit against Badr Hari and his team for damages suffered from this affair. The claim is that they were planning on running an event in Antwerp’s sport palace, which can hold up to 18,000 fans. It’s unclear if they actually secured the venue for an actual date or if this is simply what they wanted to do, but they plan on moving forward with a civil lawsuit that somehow Badr Hari signing with a competitor has cost them $1,000,000 in damages.

To date there has yet to be an Enfusion show with anywhere near that large of an audience, in fact GLORY doesn’t usually attempt to go that big, but they seem to truly believe that Badr Hari vs. Luis Tavares would be one of the biggest fights in modern European kickboxing that would draw nearly 20,000 fans. They also believe that they’re losing out on a million dollars.

By continuing to push the issue in the press one wonders why they continue to give press to Badr Hari, who is now fighting for a competitor, and are essentially helping his upcoming fight with GLORY get more attention.