Fight Card for K-1 World Grand Prix Japan 67kg Tournament

K-1 Japan returns for another one of their action-packed events on September 18th with their 67kg “Primary Welterweight” tournament. It features a bunch of solid names from Japan and abroad, with Yuta Kubo and Melsik Baghdasarvan being the early favorites in this particular tournament.

And because K-1 always gives their fans just a little bit more there are also a slew of super fights featuring some of the biggest names that K-1 has, including the master of violence, Takeru, Taiga, HINATA, Hirotaka Urabe and Koptaro Shimano.

Primary Welterweight Tournament
Yuta Kubo vs. Minoru ‘Philip’ Kimura
Hitoshi Tsukakoshi vs. Han Wenbao
Kazuki Yamagiwa vs. Melsik Baghdasaryan
Daiki Watabe vs. Mohan Dragon

Tournament Reserve Fight
Keita Makihira vs Kenji

Super Fights
Takeru vs. Wang Juanguang
Taiga vs. Stauros Exakoustidis
Yoshiki Takei vs. Namito Izawa
Hinata vs. Sergio Sanchez
Hirotaka Urabe  vs. Masahiro Yamamoto
Kotaro Shimano vs. Koji