Enfusion Introducing Modified MMA Rules in Near Future

Enfusion is, perhaps, an interesting experiment in combat sports. Risen from the ashes of the purchase of It’s Showtime by GLORY, run by a lot of similar faces as before and helping to keep European kickboxing thriving while GLORY was busy globe-trotting. Since then, Enfusion has filled an important gap for fans in the Netherlands and surrounding areas all while cultivating some top prospects.

Interestingly enough, Enfusion’s rules were, at first, a bit strange. It was kickboxing rules, which meant NOT muay thai, but there were points awarded for sweeps, dumps and takedowns. Think Shootboxing without the standing submissions. As the brand grew they did some trimming, such as losing the ‘LIVE’ part of the branding and just being called Enfusion, they also scrapped the divergent rules because, well, they didn’t exactly work.

Now Enfusion has announced that they’re getting into the MMA world, but once again doing it a bit differently. This image was posted to their official social media yesterday and shows that they’re working on Enfusion MMA, which will be — much like early Enfusion — pretty weird.

The idea is that it will be kickboxing with takedowns and groundwork, but the groundwork is limited to one minute. The impetus for the decision is to help kickboxers and boxers to grow more confident and familiar with MMA, as opposed to having to jump headfirst into full MMA rules after some training and feel lost. Their claim is that this isn’t to compete with major MMA companies, but instead help transition kickboxers and boxers into MMA and help develop new talent.

We’ll have to see how this goes. If I had to guess, I’d say that Enfusion is looking to continue growing its brand. They made some big signings in the last year or so and in general the quality of their upper-tier fights has improved, but their distribution and general show size and production hasn’t changed much. MMA is a far more popular sport worldwide and is picking up steam throughout Europe, with many big-name kickboxers training and competing in both sports, if not leaving kickboxing behind entirely. This positions Enfusion as a mix of both, but will most likely lead to them adapting full MMA rules in the future since these rules are quite different.