Enfusion Consolidates Brands Into One Simple Name: Enfusion

For five years now, Enfusion has been bringing to the world its own brands of interesting events. Most of us in the kickboxing world have forgone their extraneous branding of Enfusion Live for their proper events, Enfusion Kickboxing Talents for their undercards, Enfusion Rookies for their up-and-comers and Enfusion Reality for their reality television series. Most of us just call everything “Enfusion” and let the rest be sorted out afterwards.

As the promotion continues to run more and more events, acquiring bigger and better names in the world of kickboxing and hosting events in new and exciting venues, they’ve decided to consolidate and rebrand everything to just one, simple name: Enfusion. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Alongside their media specialty partner of Fighting Spirit, Enfusion is looking to take a bold move forward without the overdone nomenclature.

This rebranding begins on their September 16th event, Enfusion #52. So yes, that’s not Enfusion Live #52, it’s simply Enfusion #52. That should make things a bit more simple.