EM Legend and Glory of Heroes Ink Co-Promotional Agreement

This is an interesting tidbit of news coming out of China, where two of the bigger name Chinese promotions — EM Legend and Glory of Heroes — have signed an agreement to co-promote events together. This means that they’ll be sharing talent on their events and not be concerned about the rank of said fighters, either. That means that they won’t just be sending their lower tier fighters to compete against each other, instead they’ll be blending their top talents together in what should be considered exciting news. The press release gives more details.

“EM legend has super stars like Han Feilong, Zhang Chenglong, Yodwicha, Zhao Xiaoyu and Anvar and more. Glory of Heroes has top fighters like Qiu Jianliang, Wei Rui, Deng Zeqi and Tie Yinghua, etc. This confrontation is bound to be a great event in the fighting world in China and also of great strategic significance for the development of Chinese fighting sport.”

The Chinese kickboxing market has blown up over the last few years, with the major players being Kunlun Fight, Wu Lin Feng, EM Legend and Glory of Heroes, to start. There are many more promotions working out of China right now, but lack the same coverage as the major players. With two of them in a working agreement it sends a strong message to the larger promotions in China and across the world all while helping with what is a rather scattershot kickboxing world with talent spread over many promotions worldwide.