EM Legend 33 Heads to Auckland, New Zealand

EM Legend 33 takes place in Auckland, New Zealand on August 31st, featuring a host of Chinese fighters heading to New Zealand to fight local, new Zealand talent. EM Legend mostly run shows in China, but have been branching out for shows in other parts of the world, including Europe, other parts of Asia and now Australia. It’ll be interesting to watch their continued rise and that this show is very heavy on the local talent, meaning hopefully they walk away with some hot, new talent from New Zealand.

Zhao Xiaoyu (CHN) vs Sam Haggitt (NZL) – 70 kg

Liu Lei (CHN) vs Brook Sutton (NZL) – 70 kg

Zheng Bogong (CHN) vs Richard Chand (NZL) – 67 kg

Pu Dongdong (CHN) vs Josh Marsters (NZL) – 69 kg

A Shi Ha Ti (CHN) vs Daniel Tai (NZL) – 100+ kg

Han Feilong (CHN) vs Mrcous Haywood (NZL) – 72 kg

Zhu Xu (CHN) vs Pett Sor Kittichai (NZL) – 61 kg