EM Legend 31 – Thailand Station Results

EM Legend 31 (EM Legend)

On June 16th EM Legend ran their 31st show — Thailand Station — featuring a host of fighters from Thailand in conjunction with Top King. Fan favorites like Yodwicha, Rungrawee and Yodkhunpol picked up victories for the world of muay thai in this kickboxing card. EM Legend continues to secure interesting partnerships in the fight game and puts forth entertaining cards, this one as no exception, leaving us wonders what else is in store for the future of the company.

Stay tuned for more EM Legend news in the coming weeks.

Suayngam Phumphanmuang (THA) defeated Arundech Pharn (THA) by KO – 70 kg

Avatan Tormorsri (THA) defeated Petsanguan (THA) by decision – 70 kg

Raffi Singpatong (FRA) defeated Han Zihao (CHN) by decision – 65 kg

Yodkhunpol (THA) defeated Fabian Hundt (GER) by decision – 70 kg

Chujaroen (THA) defeated Ilya Grad (ISR) by decision – 70 kg

Yodwicha (THA) defeated Georges Solomon (FRA) by KO – 70 kg

Rungrawee (THA) defeated Laurent Tevanee (FRA) by KO – 75 kg

Pascal Schroth (GER) defeated Zhao Xiaoyu (CHN) by decision – 70 kg

Han Feilong (CHN) defeated Jose Nato (BRA) by KO – 72 kg

Kanchit (THA) defeated Gong Yuankun (CHN) by decision – 60 kg

Mr. Wudtichad (THA) defeated Liu Lei (CHN) by decision – 70 kg