EM Legend 28 Results From Feb. 10th

This past weekend at Guang An Station in China EM Legend held their 28th event in conjunction with Top King. The double-header featured a slew of fights, including a host of knockouts to cap off the evening in the Top King show.

EM Legend

Gao Wenkai (CHN) defeated Wang Peng (CHN) by decision – 60 kg

Zhang Yiqiang (CHN) defeated Liu Xiaoping (CHN) by KO on Round 1 – 60 kg

Zhou Jiangfei (CHN) defeated Ma Yu (CHN) by decision – 63 kg

Gong Yuankung (CHN) defeated Wang Chenhao (CHN) by decision – 60 kg

Huang Shijie (CHN) defeatd Kuang Zhi (CHN) by decision – 60 kg

Li Wenze (CHN) defeated Xiao Yangyang (CHN) by decision – 56 kg

Hu Zheng (CHN) defeated Shang Xifeng (CHN) by decision – 65 kg

Hao Menghui (CHN) defeated Alimu (CHN) by decision – 70 kg

Chen Zijun (CHN) defeated Wang Zhequan (CHN) by KO on Round 1 – 75 kg

Zhang Peimian (CHN) defeated Wu Yancheng (CHN) by KO on Round 2 – 50 kg

Wang Zhendong (CHN) defeated Sudsakorn (THA) by decision – 62 kg

Zhang Ye (CHN) defeated KC Carlos (USA) by KO – 60 kg

Naruto (THA) defeated Lu Jun (CHN) by decision – 63 kg

Liu Lei (CHN) vs. Muhammad Khalil (NOR) by decision – 70 kg


Sigh Pharanchai (THA) defeated Christian Hyatt (HNL) by KO – 58 kg

Yodwicha (THA) defeated Gabriel Mazzetti (PER) by decision – 70 kg (Semifinal Round)

Yodphanomrung (THA) defeated vs. Julio Lobo (BRA) by decision – 65 kg

Petchmorakot (THA) defeated Fabian Hundt (GER) by decision – 68 kg

Sangmanee (THA) defeated Kirill Smirnov (RUS) by TKO – 64 kg

Yodwicha (THA) defeated Pascal Schroth (GER) by KO – 70 kg (Final Round)

Han Zihao (CHN) defeated Petchboonchuy (THA) by TKO – 63 kg

Liang Yuanhao (CHN) defeated Sammon Dekker (SWE) by KO – 67 kg