Eduard Irimia Establishes SuperFilm Alongside Seasoned Producers

When the name Eduard Irimia comes to mind it’s usually for his work as a fight promoter. His vision began with the Local Kombat promotion, then extended into working with K-1 Global before he ventured further into the deep end with SuperKombat. SuperKombat came out of the gates fighting with huge 2011 events featuring some of the biggest names in the sport mixed with high-end production values. Since then SuperKombat has worked to establish Romania as one of the kickboxing meccas of the world, with Irimia having a hand in cultivating talent such as Daniel Ghita, Catalin Morosanu, Benjamin Adegbuyi, Bogdan Stoica, Andrei Stoica and many more.

So it should come as no surprise that Irimia is looking for new challenges outside of just promoting sporting events. It started when SuperKombat-contracted athlete Florian Monteanu scored the role of Ivan Drago’s son in the upcoming film Creed 2, a continuation of the famous Rocky series. Since then things have been rather quiet on the SuperKombat front and now we know why: Irimia has been in talks with producers in Hollywood about expanding his reach into the film industry.

SuperKombat released a press statement on Tuesday announcing the formation of SuperFilm, a brand of the SK Global family, in conjunction with Hollywood producers Moshe Diamant & Christopher Milburn. Diamant and Milburn both have action-heavy portfolios, including films such as Hurricane Heist, the Ledge, Outcast, even wading into the waters of martial arts with films like Universal Soldier, Timecop, the Philly Kid and Never Back Down 2. SuperFilm will have offices in Los Angeles, Bucharest and London with an aim to bring the patented SuperKombat production and excitement to both the film and television worlds. This will be a departure for Irimia, long gone will be the days of packed venues, sweaty fighters and worrying about online betting, but he’s a wily one who will make the transition well.

We’ll have more on this in the coming weeks.