Dynamite Fighting Show 2 on October 19th Featuring Morosanu, Andrei Stoica and More

Dynamite Fighting Show returns with Dynamite Fighting Show 2 in Romania on October 19th. The event is headlined by two big superfights: Catalin Morosanu taking on Mehmet Ozer as well as Andrei Stoica fighting Sazan Memedi. There are other notable names featured on the card, such as Bogdan Nastase, the sheep farmer that was featured in SuperKombat, will be fighting Freddy El Gigante in an openweight bout as Freddy is absolutely huge.

There will also be a Kyokushin bout and a TaeKwonDo fight as well, to help round things out. Also check out the really incredible promo video down at the bottom. Seriously.

Dynamite Fighting Show 2
Catalin Morosanu vs. Mehmet Ozer
Sazan Memedi vs. Andrei Stoica
Valentin Bordianu vs. Sebastian Cozmanaca
Freddy El Gigante vs. Bogdan Nastase
Kyokushin: Eldar Ismailov vs. Bogdan Pralea
Alexandru Radnev vs. Florin Lambagiu
Marius Munteanu vs. Claudiu Istrate
TKD: Artem Byelov vs. Marius Dancu
Alexandru Stoica vs. flavius Rusalin
Alexandru Mitu vs. Dumitru Tira
Raul Manoila vs. Catalin Oprea