Daniels vs. Ghajji Set for Bellator Kickboxing 7

Karim Ghajji with Scott Coker (left) and Carlo di Blasi (center-right) (Bellator)

After Bellator’s last round of kickboxing fights in April, the promotion will once again be giving Bellator Kickboxing their star treatment with Bellator Kickboxing 7. Bellator Kickboxing 7, which will happen in San Jose on September 23rd at Bellator 183, will finally see karate legend Raymond Daniels get his shot at the Bellator Welterweight Championship, currently held by Karim Ghajji.

The Bellator Welterweight Championship is Bellator’s only established kickboxing title thus far outside of the Women’s Flyweight Championship. The title, established in April of 2016, was won by Ghajji against Mustapha Haida, before he lost it to Zoltan Laszak in September. Then, almost a year-to-the-day from the title’s establishment, Ghajji regained the title against Laszak.

Daniels has had his eye on Ghajji and that title for a while, holding four wins under the Bellator banner, earning him a shot against the champion. Ghajji will have a tough test ahead of him after reclaiming the title, as Daniels has one of the most unorthodox styles in professional kickboxing today.

Daniels vs. Ghajji is currently the only bout scheduled for Bellator Kickboxing 7. Stay tuned for more.

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