Cor Hemmers Gives Rough Outline For GLORY’s 2017 Second Half


There has been a lot of talk about how many events GLORY will run this year and speculation that they perhaps won’t hit that number. On top of that, there has been rumors about future Amsterdam events and even an event in China. After GLORY 43 Cor Hemmers gave an idea of what to look out for in the rest of 2017, with a few surprises revealed.

The outline looks like this:

GLORY 44 Chicago
GLORY 45 Amsterdam featuring Nieky Holzken
GLORY 46(?) China featuring a Rico Verhoeven SuperFight
GLORY 50(?) Amsterdam featuring Rico defending against Jamal Ben Saddik

The December event being GLORY 50 isn’t final yet, but that’s the number that we’ve seen bandied about. As for the possible events in between, there isn’t any news on those just yet, although we have heard talk about a Canadian show, most likely in Toronto, as well as a few other events.