Chingiz Allazov on Petrosyan Fight: ‘I Just Need to Do What He Doesn’t Expect’

(K-1 Japan Group)

While the name Giorgio Petrosyan has been well-established in the world of kickboxing after his two K-1 World MAX victories and all of his other accomplishments, since the collapse of FEG’s K-1 in 2011 it has been difficult for fighters to find themselves established on the same level as a Petrosyan or a Buakaw. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t new fighters coming up that are just as skilled and fearsome as those of yesteryear, they simply haven’t had the opportunity to overcome these legends like they would have prior.

For Chingiz Allazov he’s been quietly climbing the 70kg ranks to the point where considering him one of the top five — if not three — fighters in the division right now is not only logical, but undeniable. He may possess a list of impressive wins, but what eludes him is still a win over a living legend. In 2016 he was slated to fight Giorgio Petrosyan until a neck injury forced Petrosyan out of said fight, with Allazov instead fighting the last K-1 World MAX Champion, Enriko Kehl.

The current holder of K-1 Japan’s 70kg title, Allazov has become one of the very best and now, thanks to Bellator Kickboxing, we’ll be able to finally see the clash between Chingiz Allazov and Giorgio Petrosyan. When pressed about the fight with Petrosyan, Allazov sounded confident. But is he ready for a fight on this level? Of course he is.

“My fight with Giorgio was to take place in the summer of 2016 in Monaco, but Petrosyan has refused to the fight because of a neck injury,” Allazon recounted their history. “Everything happens, it’s a sport. We understand that he was preparing and injured. He was replaced by Enrico Kehl. So I was already ready to meet Petrosyan. Then the fight did not take place, but I hope that this time it will take place.”

But, Allazov doesn’t believe in thinking too far ahead, instead focusing on the now. When pressed on what he will do and what he’ll say if he beats Petrosyan, he dismissed the idea. “When this moment comes, then I will decide what to say. I never think in advance about what to say in an interview, everything turns out spontaneously. You do not need to think ahead, you just have to go out and do everything that [you] can. The main thing is victory. And it will be a knockout or a decision of the judges – we’ll see [when it happens].”

As to what he fears of Petrosyan, well, nothing. “I’m not afraid of anything. Just need to do what he does not expect. And there is nothing to fear in the ring, because at the level at which we fight, every blow is dangerous.”

His answer to what if he loses was similar, with him explaining that he doesn’t think that far ahead.

Will Allazov be losing sleep over fighting the legendary Petrosyan? “Yes, of course. To fights with any opponents, I approach [them the same way], mentally tune[d] in to all fights equally regardless of whether it’s Petrosyan or another rival. Therefore, I will definitely sleep before the fight and will sleep well.”

Chingiz Allazov battles Giorgio Petrosyan on July 14th in Rome under the Bellator Kickboxing banner.

Portions of the interview have been edited for clarity, with answers provided by the promoter via email.