Check Out This Heated Staredown Between Remy Bonjasky and Melvin Manhoef

Say what you will about Melvin Manhoef and Remy Bonjasky fighting in 2017, there’s something charming about these two doing battle yet again and keeping the old K-1 spirit alive. Of course, it’s all to sell tickets for Melvin Manhoef’s WFL league, but if the upcoming card tells us anything, it’s that Manhoef is serious about his promotion.

Outside of Manhoef vs. Bonjasky, there is a final 16 tournament in place which will lead to a World Grand Prix style tournament at a later date featuring the following names.

A PPV stream will be available as well.

Final 16 – Participants
– Andrei Stoica
– Murat Aygun
– Fred Sikking
– Brian Douwes
– Boy Boy Martin
– Tarik Khbabez
– Fabio Kwasi
– Sam Tevette
– Reduoan Cairo
– Henriques Zowa
– Serkan Ozcaglayan
– Levi Rigters

This goes down on October 29th.