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The Next Anticipated GLORY Event 2019

The rematch between two heavyweight champions is underway and the date has been set. Making its rounds all over the internet, spectators are able to purchase tickets online for the fight of a lifetime. The rematch making headlines has been given a special title for a special fight “GLORY Collision 2: Unfinished Business. For those unfamiliar with the fight, it is between Rico Vethoeven and Bedr Hari. It is one of the biggest fights set for the 21st of December 2019 an no doubt will be showcased all over top sites including forefront runner NoviBet. So if you need to brush [read more]

Pooja Harsha – The Girl Who Is Kicking Up a Storm

One girl is making history and she is Pooja Harsha from Myore. The South Indian girl currently holds the world record for being the first woman to get the black belt second degree in K1 style. The title has been making its rounds around the world as she received the incredible award from WAKO, the World Association of Kickboxing Organization. Hersha was originally trained in karate which she felt was limited; this sparked her interest in kickboxing which held no limitations for the famous kick boxer. Karate is what began Pooja Harsha’s career and her father; a man passionate about [read more]

Why isn’t kickboxing as popular as boxing?

As someone who finds kickboxing more entertaining to watch than boxing, we can’t help but wonder why kickboxing as isn’t big and as mainstream as boxing. Why is it so under looked when compared to boxing and MMA? Well, that’s the question we hope to have answered by the end of this article. Kickboxing and boxing are two sports that are much correlated to one another. Though these two sports can seem quite similar for someone that does not know much about them, one can still come across some differences between the two. For example: while both hands and feet can [read more]